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roblox treasure quest script

About Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest is a role-playing game on Roblox. It was developed by Nosniy Games and has since become a popular game on Roblox. The main objective in the game is to collect all the weapons available and boost the powers on your avatar. These are available from the game’s dungeon, and you will have to battle against enemies and other rival players.

As you improve the skills of your player, you will also receive access to more dungeons, and you can collect more items. It is now simple to boost your game performance by using Treasure Quest. These have features that will make the game easier to play.

Scripts Features

Auto farm

This script makes it easier to collect the items you need all around the map. It will look through the dungeons and add valuables to your inventory. You will thus have better weapons to face your enemies as you go through the dungeons. It will also save you time as you can have all the items you need for the game instantly.

Semi God mode

The script will give your player god-like abilities that will help you play the game better. It will protect you from dying during gameplay, and you will have higher abilities than all other players. Some of these abilities include infinite health and teleportation. You can thus battle enemies and defeat them with single hits or move across the map instantly. It lest you create unique gameplay whenever you log into the game.

Chest collection

There are numerous chests in the dungeons that contain valuable items. These will help your avatar beat rivals easily, and you will have all the items you need in your inventory. The script will help you collect the chests and open them instantaneously to reveal the valuables they contain. You can thus rise through the ranks in the game and accomplish more objectives.

Autocomplete dungeon

This script helps you beat the toughest dungeons and collect all the valuable items and sords they have. You no longer have to replay the game levels as you try to beat them. The script will let you complete them instantly, and you can proceed to higher levels. This lets you complete the game in a much shorter time and explore all the dungeons.

Instant kill

This script makes it easier to beat rival players and the enemies you encounter in the dungeons. All it takes is a single hit, and they will die immediately. This is convenient, and you can now take on mobs without any challenges. As a result, it is now easier to advance through the game and gather more points in a shorter time.

Is the Treasure Quest script safe for your PC?

PC safety is major concern before you can download and run any script. All the scripts from our website are safe and free from any malware. You can thus download as many copies as you need to use without risking the performance of your PC. Enjoy your gameplay more with the help of our Treasure Quest scripts.