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roblox tower of hell script

About Tower Of Hell

Tower of hell is a timed game on Roblox developed by uwuPyxl and ObrenTune. The game challenges its players to reach the top of a tower in 8 minutes. On your path to the top, you have to beat numerous obstacles that aim to slow you down. The tower has six sections, and they all have ascending difficulty ratings.

If you complete the game before your time runs out, you are rewarded with in-game coins. Scripts have made the game simpler for Roblox gamers. They will make your gameplay better and alter key components of the game. Running the script gives you an advantage, and you can complete quests.

Script Features

Stopping timer

The game’s main objective is to reach the tower’s top section before the timer runs out. This script allows you to play the game at your own pace, exploring every aspect of the levels. Furthermore, it will stop the timer as you play, thus ensuring you can always complete the game. In addition, you are sure to get all the rewards on the game every time you play.

Auto farm

This script helps you gather more coins in a shorter time. You don’t have to complete in-game quests before you can get all the coins you need. Once activated, it will add these coins to your inventory as you play, and you will have enough in a shorter time. This allows you to get all the items you need in the game and customize your player.


This script will improve your player’s skills collection by allowing you to unlock all the skills you need. These will help make your gameplay better, and you can achieve more. It will also help you complete the challenges on each level of the game better. As a result, you can now complete the game in a shorter time and get more rewards.

Increased speed

This script will increase your player’s speed to keep up with that of the game. When you complete a level, the timer will run faster. You can now keep up with it thanks to this feature. You never have to worry about it running out in the middle of your gameplay, thus making it reliable.


You can use Robux to make the purchases you need in the game if you run out of money. This script will help to generate Robux coins to your account as you play. You can now buy all the items you need without running out of money. It will make your gameplay better, and you can complete the game levels in a shorter time.

Is the Tower of Hell script free?

You can find all the scripts for the game free to download and run on our website. We allow for multiple downloads, ensuring you can get as many scripts as you need. This allows more gamers to get the best experience as they run these scripts on the Roblox games. You can now play for longer and better using our Tower of Hell scripts.