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About Tatakai Reborn

Tatakai Reborn is a fighting game on Roblox. The game borrows heavily from anime shows, and players can navigate a map that is anime-themed. The game lets players battle against strong rivals and other bosses as they rise through the ranks in the multiplayer platform. You can also train your character on new fighting styles, get the new items and play better. It is now easier to improve your performance in the game by using Tatakai Reborn script. These will affect your gameplay, allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter time. In addition, you can now rise through the ranks in the game easily.

Scripts Features

Auto farm money

You need money to improve your avatar and get them better items to battle against strangers. This script makes getting all the money you need easier. It will automatically generate the money you need and add it to your account as you play. It will accumulate fast, and in no time, you will have all the money you need. You can now get better items and boost your performance in the game.

Player speed

You can now move your player better and faster around the map with this script. It will significantly improve your player’s speed, and you can get to items before anyone else does. This will help you gather valuables and money faster. It will also help you launch surprise attacks better or defend yourself effectively.


Roadwork is among the quests in the game. Once you complete the quests, you will receive money, and you can use it on the items you need. This script makes it easier to play this game mode, and you can accumulate more money in a shorter time. The script will take you through all the vital aspects of the quest, and you can complete them, earning you more money in a shorter time.


Getting your player stronger will assist you in fights and in completing demanding quests in a shorter time. This script will assist you in this as it will instantly take you to a gym. Your player will be trained on the different equipment and will be stronger in no time. You can now proceed with the game and fight better against rival players. You will also get more money and exp points.

Infinite stamina

To boost your stamina, you have to train your player for a long time. This can be time-consuming and demanding. This script will help you get an infinite stamina level and ensure the stamina bar is always full throughout your gameplay. As a result, you can now play the game better and win more fights against rival players with improved stamina.

How to prevent detection on Roblox

All the scripts from our website are undetectable. This makes them safe to play with and guarantees reliable performance. There are, however, other ways to ensure you never get detected as you run the scripts in your game. First, activate one script at a time. This will ensure your gameplay remains within the undetectable margins and ensures you never get detected as you run the scripts.