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Shinobi Life 2 GUI Script

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roblox shinobi life 2 script

About Shinobi Life 2

Shinobi Life 2 takes over from the previous title and has been a huge hit among Roblox gamers. The role-playing game is a continuation of Shinobi Life, the first game in the series. Players get to explore a huge game map and complete objectives set out.

You can also gather items that will help make the game easier and advance your character’s skill set for an easy rise through the game ranks. Shinobi Life 2 also lets you battle against other rival players. You can now get better in the game with the right Shinobi Life 2 scripts. These will make your player effective, and you can easily beat rivals in matches.

Script Features

Reset spins

The game allows for a maximum spin number every day. Once your limit is reached, you have to wait for some time before you can keep spinning. This script will unlock your spins, and you can make as many as you need to. This will make your gameplay better, and you can now get more in-game items. It will also give you an edge over other players with limited daily spins.

Auto spin

It can be challenging for a gamer who is not regularly playing Shinobi Life 2 to know when your spins are full. This will cause delays, and you will miss out on making more spins. This script will, however, automate all your spins. Once they are loaded, it will perform the spins, ensuring your gameplay is always in progress.

Level farm

Shinobi Life 2 has numerous levels, and getting through them will take a long time. This script makes it simple by helping you complete levels in no time. Furthermore, the script will automate your player movements, and they will go to these missions and complete them. You can thus get more in-game points while you let the game run in the background.

Kill aura

This script makes your character better, especially when you have to face in-game enemies. It will automatically kill them regardless of the direction you are facing. This ensures you never have to worry about getting ambushed and taken down by foes as you play the game. It will also help you advance through the game ranks easily.

Auto skill

This script will save you many game hours as you can now get all the skills you need in no time. Once activated, the script will gather all relevant skills to your gameplay and add them to your character. This will make you a better player, and you can compete against rivals on your server better.