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About Project XL

Project XL is a role-playing game that is based on anime characters. Players can create their character, and it determines the abilities they receive. These characters get to travel across the islands in the game and explore numerous locations as they boost their skill level and unlock new items for the game.

You can now travel through the huge map and complete its game objectives. In addition, you can now boost your gameplay with Project XL scripts. These are Roblox codes that make the game better and give you an added advantage in the game.

Script Features

Auto farm

This is a resource-gathering script that helps you collect more items throughout the game map. These include weapons, coins, and other rare items. You no longer have to spend many gameplay hours searching for these items as they will be added to your inventory. As a result, this script lets you play better and accomplish more objectives in a shorter time.

Auto skill

Characters gather skills as they advance through the game. This script makes it easier to get all the skills you need in the game. You no longer have to select a limited skill set as your character gets all the skills in the game. This will make your gameplay better, and you can easily complete all the quests you engage in. it will also make Project XL interesting as you navigate through the maps.

 Auto farm mob

This script lets you get the mobs you want in the game. You can now personalize the skills you want in your mobs, and you will get them. They will be added to your team, and you can use them throughout the gameplay. This will ensure you complete more objectives in a shorter time and get the best results in your gameplay. Your mobs will also be effective when you face off against other mobs.

Kill aura

This script makes you an effective player when battling against other players and mobs. It will help you launch attacks in any direction, not necessarily where you are facing. You can now get more game points and complete all the quests you undertake. Completing Project XL and unlocking islands will become easier.

All islands unlocked

There are numerous islands on the Project XL map, and you can travel across them conveniently. You, however, need to unlock them before you can get all the items therein. This can take a long time, making it difficult to get the resources you need. This script will unlock all the islands in the game, and you can travel between them and easily gather the items you need.

How to download Project XL scripts

All Project XL scripts are available to download from our website. In addition, we have included a guide that will take you through the download and setup process. This ensures even beginners can get the best experience with the script. You can now get all the scripts you need in the game and rise through its ranks while accomplishing more objectives.