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About Prison Life

Prison Life is a role-playing and survival game on Roblox created by Aesthetical. The game is prison-themed and has seen numerous improvements to its gameplay over the years. In the game, you get to play as either the guard, prisoner, or criminal, and everyone has their separate roles and objectives.

Your gameplay will depend on the character you choose to play as. A convenient way to make the game better is by adding Prison Life scripts to your gameplay. They will influence various aspects of your gameplay and make them better.

Script Features

Auto farm

This script lets you gather vital resources throughout the map. Then, it will scan it and add these items to your inventory, making your gameplay better. The script will also save you many in-game hours, and you can use them in other aspects of the game. As a result, your inventory will always be full, making you a better overall gamer.


This script works in all game modes and will help you differently depending on the character you are playing. If you are a cop, you can teleport to crime scenes instantly and make your arrests faster. For robbers and criminals, escaping from jail or the crime scene will be easier. You can now accomplish more game objectives in a shorter time, making your gameplay interesting.


This script will make your character faster than everyone else in the game. It is reliable as it will make your gameplay better, and you can accomplish more in a shorter time. While playing as a robber, you can escape from crime scenes before the cops catch you, making it easier to accumulate more items. If you are a cop, you can catch up with robbers and prisoners as they try to escape, making you efficient.

Infinite jump

This script offers a convenient way to escape from the police or any enemy pursuing you. Once activated, your player will jump for longer distances and higher than anyone else. It will help you make cleaner get aways and thus adding fun to your gameplay. In addition, it is now easier to keep the items you loot and enjoy the Prison Life game.

God mode

This script gives you more control over all activities in the game. It will boost your performance by increasing your skills, abilities and making you better than your rivals. You can also customize your gameplay thanks to this feature, making it enjoyable. It will also make you an overall better gamer, and you can achieve more objectives in a shorter time.

How to download Prison Life script

The scripts are available on our website under the Prison Life game. You can search for them using the search bar and begin the download process. It will take a short while as the files are compressed. You can thus proceed to loading them into the game and running the scripts. These scripts allow you to personalize your gaming experience and play better. You can now enjoy your game and complete it in a shorter time.