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About My Restaurant

My Restaurant is a management team where players get to design, build and run their restaurant. The game was released in 2019 by BIG Games, and the main objective is to make profits, rise through the game levels, and expand your operations. Players can also hire a staff to make the process faster, and the more orders you close, the more money you get. Playing the game can get better with My Restaurant scripts. These will help you build a better restaurant and earn more money. You will also receive more high-paying clients and thus make your gameplay enjoyable.

Scripts Features

Infinite money

You need money in the game to build your Restaurant and get better equipment. Accumulating enough money for all these can take a long time, and you need this script to help you advance through the game levels faster. It will add all the money you need to your inventory, and you can spend it without running out. Improve your Restaurant and get enough equipment to boost your game performance.

Farm XP and skills

Players accumulate skills and exp as they rise through the game levels. With higher points, you will get VIP clients and higher-paying orders. This script will give you the maximum exp points as you play, and you can enjoy all the in-game benefits they offer. It will make the game enjoyable, and you can achieve better objectives in a shorter time. This will help you get all the money you need in a shorter time.

NPC stuff

This script lets you change various aspects of your gameplay. These include the speeds and the order they make. Once activated, your characters will walk faster and get to your restaurant in no time. More NPCs will walk in and make orders in a short time, increasing your sales. You can also customize their orders, letting you sell more costly items. It will help you raise the money you need in a shorter time.

Auto slot machine

A slot machine helps you get more money in a shorter time. This script will add more slot machines around your Restaurant. NPCs will use them, and you can get more money as you continue serving orders. You can now accumulate more money in a shorter time and thus boost your restaurant performance and appearance.

Spawn VIP clients

VIP clients tend to pay more than average NPCs. This script lets you get more VIP clients in your restaurant and easily collect more money. You will have the money you need to make upgrades in no time. It will also help you get more exp in a shorter time, getting better in the game. It is a reliable script for the game.

Will My Restaurant script make your gameplay better?

The primary purpose of all these scripts is to make the game simple to play and ensure you complete more objectives in a shorter time. Our scripts achieve these impressively and will let you enjoy the game even more. You can now play for longer and rise through the ranks in the game in a shorter time. The scripts will make the game better for you.