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Murder Mystery 2 GUI Script

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roblox murder mystery script

About Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a popular game on Roblox owing to its gameplay. The multiplayer game offers several modes for gamers, and you can select your preferred mode before you begin playing. In Murder Mystery 2, you can either be the innocents, sheriff, or the murderer.

Your choice will influence your gameplay and the objectives you can accomplish. While playing as the innocents, you have to hide from the murderer while still using your skills to identify them. The game gets better when you get the Murder Mystery 2 scripts from our website. You get more advantages in the game, making your gameplay effective. It will now take you a shorter time to complete this Roblox game.

Script Features

Knife Options

While playing the murderer mode, this script will unlock all the knife options in the game. This lets you select the most effective tools to boost your gameplay. You can now take down other players easily and complete the game before the sheriff shoots you. This lets you gather more points in the game and make your gameplay interesting to play.

Player Identification

This script makes it easier to identify the required characters in the game. While playing as an innocent, it will highlight the murderer, allowing you to escape from them. It will also make it easier for you as the sheriff to shoot and take them down before eliminating more people. The script helps you get higher points in the game and complete it in no time.

Target Spotting

This script makes it easier to eliminate more people in the game while playing in the murderer mode. You can spot innocents as they hide, allowing you to approach and kill them easily. This ensures you can complete the game in a shorter time and that you can accomplish more before the sheriff shoots you. In addition, you are sure to gather more points in this game mode.


This script will help you as you face the murderer while playing in sheriff mode. It lets you shoot at them accurately regardless of their distance. This ensures you can take them out before they can kill more innocents in the game. It will make you efficient, and you can accomplish more objectives in your gameplay. In addition, it will now take you a shorter time to find and eliminate the murderer.

Infinite health

This script will ensure you don’t die mid-game. Regardless of the mode you play, it will keep you alive until the game is over. You can unmask the murderer or kill as many characters as possible to win the game, depending on who you play as. It will thus make your gameplay better, and you can gather more points.

Do you have to pay for the Murder Mystery 2 script?

All the scripts for the game are available on our website. They are also free to download and run, making them accessible to more gamers. You can now transform your gaming experience and add more items and characters with the scripts. It is also easy to download as many hacks as you need.