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About King Piece

King Piece is an anime-themed Roblox game developed by Thai Piece and added to the platform in 2019. The game was inspired by the entertaining series, One Piece. Just like the show, the game has been received well by all its players. The game has a vast open world, and players can navigate through it as they battle enemies and collect valuable items. It is now easier to beat the games to get the reliable King Piece from our website. It gives you an advantage over other players and allows you to complete the game in a shorter time.

Script Features

Auto raid

This script makes it easier to launch raids and defeat rival players and mobs to get valuable items. In addition, it will make your mobs effective and stronger against all other teams on the map. You can thus beat these rival players in no time and rise through the ranks in the game. It will also make it easier to expand your map and create more territories for your team.

No clip

The script makes it easier to move in the map as you can now see and walk through walls. This is convenient as you don’t have to find the best routes over obstacles. You will also get items before all other players and ensures you can collect them in your inventory. It will also help you spot enemies and thus find the best strategies to play the game.

Auto collect rewards

You can now accumulate more rewards in a shorter time with this script. It will scan the map and find all collectible items and add them to your inventory. You can thus use them to make your gameplay better and complete more objectives. The script will also save you the time you would have needed to complete objectives before gaining access to the rewards.


This script will help you launch better and faster attacks against rival players. Once they are spotted near you, they will be attacked and defeated in no time. You will thus receive more game points, and your player’s ranking will increase significantly. In addition, you can now play better and get more kills.

Auto revive

You no longer have to worry about losing your game progress as you play the game, even when you encounter stronger players. This script will help your character get revived at the point they died with all the saved progress. You can thus continue with the game and still keep everything you had. This ensures continuity in the game and helps you complete game levels in no time.

How to download King Piece script

The King Piece script is available to download from our website. They are free and thus accessible to more players. Once you click on them, the download process will begin and will take a short while. You can now launch the game and run your preferred executor in the background. Now, load the script into the executor, and its features will be displayed in the game. You can now play better and complete more in-game objectives in a shorter time.