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roblox funky friday script

About Funky Friday

Funky Friday was created in 2021 by Lyte Interactive, and the rhythm has been played by numerous people on Roblox. It borrows from Friday Night funkin’, a similarly popular game on the platform. In the game, players get to battle against others in their server, and the one who hits all the notes correctly is rewarded with points, and their winning streak is recorded. The game features numerous song options to choose from, and the playlists are updated regularly to offer gamers options and more challenges to play through. Funky Friday can get better when you play the game with our scripts. These will help you beat rivals easily thanks to their features and will significantly improve your gameplay.

Script Features


This script will help you through the game by making the right moves as you battle against rivals. It will ensure your character responds correctly to the directions, and you can thus get more points. This helps you play the game better, and you are sure to outbattle all the players on the server. In a short time, you will have the leading points and a higher ranking. The script works on all songs and game modes.

Infinite score

This script makes it easier to increase your scores without playing for a long time. As you battle against rivals or play the solo mode, your score will increase faster, which will affect your ranking. You can thus win more items and outrank all the players on your server instantly.

Win streaks

This script helps you get more win streaks as you play the game. Once loaded, the script will ensure your character beats everyone you battle against always. You will thus get a higher winning streak and more points in the game. This is convenient and will boost your game ranking. You will also take a shorter time to get better at the game as the script works in easy, medium, and hard mode on all songs.

All songs 

This script ensures you don’t have to spend any money to get the songs you want on your playlist. They will be loaded automatically, and you can play them in multiplayer or solo modes. It will make the game interesting and gives you more options to choose from. You can thus create a new experience with every song you play with. Since the songs are updated regularly, you will always have an updated playlist for your game.

How to download the Funky Friday script

You can find all the scripts for the game on our website. They are free, and you can download as many copies as you need for the game. The download will take a short while as all the files are compressed. This makes loading them easier. You can now add the script to your preferred executor and begin playing the game. You should also ensure your anti-virus is disabled throughout this process. You can now play all your favorite games without any interruptions.