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About Da Hood

Da Hood is a role-playing Roblox game from Da Hood entertainment. The game is widely popular on Roblox, attracting thousands of active players. In the game, you can choose between being a criminal or playing the role of the police.

The cop and robber game is centered on thugs robbing places around the map, such as banks and stores, while the cops try to prevent them from doing that. Despite the game mode you play, you need a boost that will keep you ahead of rival players.

The Da Hood script will make aspects of your gameplay better and lets you achieve more objectives in a shorter time. In addition, the script lets you make the following changes to your gameplay.

Script Features

Infinite Stamina

This script will come in handy as you play either as the cops or robbers in the game. It gives your player enough energy to run through the map while on missions. You don’t need to take any rest as your player will never get tired.

This ensures you can always catch up with robbers before they can get far. It will also help you escape from the cops, increasing your success rate in robberies. You can thus gather more points in the game.

God Mode

This script will give your player better abilities and improved skills for the gameplay. These include withstanding games and jumping from high points without dying. This will ensure you can complete missions easily without dying and having to replay them from the beginning. It will also help you get away or catch up with other players owing to the infinite jump feature.

Finally, it helps you get around the map faster.

Anti KO

This script keeps your player protected from attacks depending on the mode you are playing. The decrease in your life bar will not be recorded whenever you are hit, allowing you to carry on with the game. It will also help you get further as you cannot sustain injuries even as bullets are fired at you. As a result, you can now play the game better and complete more game levels in a shorter time.

Auto Farm

It is vital to have all the resources you need as you play Da Hood for smoother gameplay. This script will ensure you have everything you need as you play. It will help you find these resources scattered throughout the map and add them to your inventory.

These include money, Robux, and any other item that will aid your gameplay. It will thus make you efficient and ensures you can accomplish more game objectives in a shorter time.

Will you get banned in Roblox for using Da Hood scripts?

The scripts on our website are undetectable. Since Roblox uses your mouse patterns to determine your processing power. As you use this script, however, all the readings will remain within the appropriate amounts. You can thus play the game with all these scripts and not have to worry about getting banned.

Our team ensures all scripts have high-security features for the best results.