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About Breaking Point

Breaking Point is among the unique games on Roblox. It has interesting gameplay, and this has made it a fan favorite among many Roblox players. Breaking Point is a multiplayer game and features a round table with all players on the server seated.

The players attempt to kill each other in the Russian roulette-themed game mode. The last remaining player is the winner. This game is unpredictable, and the skills required to beat it can elude many gamers. However, you can now get Breaking Point scripts that will help you through the game. These will help you beat all other players, and you can rise through the game rankings.

Script Features

Infinite wins

This script will ensure you are always the last player standing regardless of the game mode you play. In the Russian roulette mode, your weapons will become partially ineffective whenever you use them, letting you stay alive. The script will increase your win frequency, and you can gather more in-game points in a shorter time. Your gameplay will also improve immensely.

Kill aura

You can now kill more players easily and faster with this script. In addition, it lets you shoot at players in any direction, even when you aren’t facing there. This ensures rival players cannot sneak up on you and will ensure you can gather more in-game points. As a result, you are sure to rise through the game ranks and outperform all other players.


The script ensures you never miss any shot you take. You can now fire at rival players while they stand a long distance away and hit them. It will get easier to outlast all other players in the game, and you can now have more in-game points. The script works on all weapons in your inventory. It will make all the weapons you have better and reliable throughout the game mode you choose.

Infinite credits

You have to win the game before you can get any credits. This means you have to play for long hours before you can gather enough credits to rise through the game ranks. This script, however, makes it simpler as you can get all the credits you need as you play. They will be added to your inventory and will make your character better in the game. It is a convenient way to get better in a short time.

Kill all

This script ensures you don’t have to spend many game hours to complete the game. Once activated, it will kill all the rival players in the game, leaving you behind. This means you will be the last player remaining and that you can get all the points in the game. Getting game credits will be faster and easier.

Are the Breaking Point scripts free?

All the scripts for the game from our website are free. You can download and run them on your PC without making payments at any step of the process. This makes the scripts accessible to more gamers, and you are sure to get a steady performance while you run them.