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booga booga roblox script

About Booga Booga

Booga Booga is an online multiplayer game created by Soybeen on Roblox. The game features a tribal theme where players create tribes, fight other tribes for resources and create bases to launch attacks. Booga Booga is survival-themed, and you have to find the best strategies to survive against the elements and rival players in the game map.

You can choose from the many locations in the game and travel there for the best playing experience. Playing the game is now better with Booga Booga script. It lets you customize various aspects of your gameplay, and you can accomplish more objectives.

 Script Features

Auto farm

This script makes it easier to accumulate all the resources you need for the game. They will be added to your inventory, and you can use them to improve your gameplay. It will make you an overall better player, and you can build better bases and have enough resources for all game aspects.

Instant create tribe

This script lets you create tribes instantly. You don’t have to spend a long time searching for the right resources and items for the process. It also lets you customize your tribes and add your preferred skills, thus ensuring you can win more battles with them or complete more quests.

Increased speed

This script makes it easier to move through the map as your player will have a higher navigation speed. It will also come in handy as you battle other tribes for control as you can easily defeat them. This will make the game interesting and gives you an added advantage. You can now take them out in wars or beat them to the best resources in the game.


This script ensures you never lose any battles as you play the game. It will ensure all your weapons are accurate and that they can conveniently hit rival players. It also makes it easier to win in tribe wars and any quest you get into. It will also increase your accuracy ratings significantly, making you a better player. You can also select the targets for your enemies, making it simpler to defeat them.

Instant item collection

This script makes it easier to collect items scattered throughout the map. You no longer have to find them as they will be highlighted on the map. Once you get close to them, they will be unlocked and added to your inventory. This ensures you always have the items you need and that your gameplay gets better in a shorter time. You will also have a better collection than other tribes, giving you an edge over them every time you raid them.

How to download Booga Booga script

You can easily find the Booga Booga script on our website. A search will bring up all the files for the game, and you can proceed to download them. You should also disable the anti-virus software on your PC to prevent interruptions during the download process. It is now ready to load and run in your games.