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Blox Fruits game

About Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a multiplayer sword game on Roblox. Players have to train their characters on handling swords and other weapons and later battle rivals on their server. It allows players to develop the best weapon collection and skill set that will keep them alive for a longer time and ensure that they get the highest points.

You get to sail across the map while discovering new locations, rare items, and better weapons for your character. You can now easily beat the game with the Blox Fruits script. These are codes that make the game interesting as they will make alterations giving your player better abilities. They are reliable and will help you compete and win against all rival players on your server.

Script Features

Auto chest access

This script helps you gather and open any chest you encounter in the game. They often contain weapons or in-game money and will make your character better. You no longer have to spend a long time trying to complete quests before you can have access, and this will shorten your playtime and let you complete the game in a shorter time.

No clip

This script makes moving around on the map easier. Once you run this script, your player will see and walk through walls. This will help you get away from mobs as you can spot them before they do you. It will also help you access hidden chests easily and get the rare items you need in the game. It will thus make your gameplay better.

Infinite health

This script lets your character stay alive for longer in the game, even after you sustain injuries. You will heal faster and can continue with the game in no time. The script makes competing against rival players and game bosses easier as your health bar will always remain full while you play. You can now accomplish more objectives in the game.

Walk speed

This script will alter the walking speed of your character, making them faster than everyone else in the game. It lets you get to items faster and will allow you to escape from mobs easily. You can also battle better against your rivals as you now have speed on your side. This helps you rise through the ranks in the game, and you are sure to get more in-game points in no time.


Blox Fruits allows you to get all the best weapons you will need for the game. There are numerous sword options, but you must purchase them with Robux. The script will unlock all the weapons and add them to your inventory. You can thus play better and switch between them whenever you want to.

Can you get banned in Roblox for using Blox Fruits script?

Roblox games have anti-cheat software that is always on the lookout for game scripts. All the Blox Fruits scripts from our website are undetectable, and you can run them in your game conveniently. You don’t have to worry about getting banned as you play with these scripts. It is thus convenient, and you are sure to enjoy your gameplay.