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roblox a bizarre day script

About A Bizarre Day

A Bizarre Day is a role-playing game on Roblox and was created in 2018 by A Bizarre Community. The game borrows from a popular media franchise, and many players have taken up to its gameplay. In A Bizarre Day, players gather skills and weapons and use them to fight against other players as they try to inflict as much damage as possible. There are numerous unique abilities that you can add to your player and make you stand out from other players. You can now play the game better with the help of the A Bizarre Day script. These codes will help you alter the game depending on the gameplay you want to achieve.

Script Features

Kill all

This script makes killing rival players on the server easier. Once executed, it will kill all rival players, and you can remain alone and complete the levels in no time. It will also help you handle mobs easily and collect better items. You can now get more exp points in no time and get better gameplay.

No clip

This script makes it easier to move through the map by making all the walls around you permeable. You can walk through them and get to places easily. It will also help you see through walls, and you can easily avoid stronger rivals and mobs or plan your attacks better. This script will make your gameplay interesting and easy to play.

God mode

This script will give you an abnormal ability as you play A Bizarre Day. Your character will become invincible, and you can play however you want to. You will not get any injuries or sustain any hits as you play. This will help you rise through the game ranks, and you can achieve better results as you play. God mode allows you to create personal gameplay and improve your experience.

Mega punch

This script is reliable when you face off against solid rivals in raids or bosses as you play the game. It gives you additional strength, and you can take them down with a single punch. This makes it easier to beat them and will ensure you never die mid-game. You will also get more in-game points and complete your objectives faster.

Freeze all

You can now control all the players on your server using this script. You can freeze the gameplay when you want to get to valuable items or complete missions without interruptions. All the players will remain stagnant, and you can complete all your objectives in no time. This will make you an overall better player, and you won’t have to encounter challenges in your path.

How to download the A Bizarre Day script

The scripts for the game are available on our website and are free to download. They are small and will not take up much space on your PC. Once the download is complete, you can load them to your injector and run them on the game. The scripts are simple to use and will guarantee you a smooth game performance.